"Steve's place was relaxed and open. His approach to the session was taking the time to engage in a brief conversation about my day, he quickly noticed my mind racing so he recommended reiki. The session began on a calming note. During the massage he took time to address tension in the upper back, left me noticeably more relaxed. Beyond his skill, what truly distinguishes Steve is his commitment to building a meaningful connection with his clients. Always looking forward to the next one! "

Zorangeli Ramos

"I thought I knew massage before knowing Steve but I was wrong. There is massage before Steve and Massage after knowing Steve. I really needed therapeutic massages for my back and he certainly delivers. Steve is very professional and knows what he is doing. I do not even have to tell him which areas of my back need work because he finds them. As a mom who works multiple jobs outside the house, getting a massage has become an essential part of my self-care, and I am so happy to have found Steve. He also provides recommendations to improve posture and decrease back problems. I highly recommend him."

Carrie Conaway

"I've been seeing Steve for several years and have been nothing but thrilled with his service. He has fixed many a knot and sore spot for me, as you'd expect of any massage therapist. But what I really appreciate is that when presented with something unusual, he gets curious and does a bunch of research to figure out how to treat it. I've had several weirdo issues over the years, and he's always been able to find some way to help improve them. This is no woo-woo massage with someone who doesn't know what they're doing - it's the real deal!"

Sanjay Talluri

"Steve is an excellent and caring therapist. I go there not just to relax and enjoy a little time for myself. I know Steve is going to focus on the problems that are bothering me and really help me feel better for the long-term. As a dentist bending over for several hours a day, this is so necessary. He is very accommodating with morning and evening hours. His studio smells nice, is quiet and peaceful, and has parking nearby. The heated bed is so welcome in the colder months."

Molly C

"Five stars for Steve at LMT! I love getting massages but historically left places feeling disappointed; that stopped a few years ago when I found Steve. His demeanor is warm and caring, his skill is pointed and focused. If there is an area of concern, he addresses it and does not stop until you feel relief. He is so knowledgeable and takes such pride in his craft that you leave truly feeling as though you received therapeutic relief, especially if you like deeper pressure like I do. So proud of him for opening this new space and highly recommend!"

Constantine Leotsakos

"Steve Leavitt has helped me with my chronic foot pain. I was able to ski over 50 days this year and plan on riding my bicycle over 3000 miles. Very pleased with Steve and highly recommend him to my friends."

Becky Penn

"I’ve been going to Steve for a few years now and he is truly the best. I used to have lower back pain and he’s helped me work through it with massage work and stretching. He has a great knowledge of the body and muscles, what connects where, and why pain is in one place but actually stems from somewhere else (as was in my case). I would highly recommend going to Steve for anyone who has back, shoulder, or neck issues.. "

Kathleen Buckingham

"Steve is an incredibly thoughtful and holistic MT! His sessions incorporate time at the beginning and end, providing time to hear where you want to focus on during your session, and offers stretches or suggestions for how to help you avoid pain or discomfort in the future. I've had years of shoulder issues, and he's recommended stretches (and an adjusted work desk set up) that is helping a lot. And it helps that he's incredibly friendly! I can't recommend him enough!"

Kristen Kafka

"Several years ago I started my search for a massage therapist due to strange, intense recurring headaches that my PCP and I could not figure out. Steve was one of the first therapists I tried out, and the only one I ever went back to more than once. Now it's been several years and dozens of appointments, and Steve is truly wonderful. He is willing to research any odd issue you may bring to him, try out different techniques, and accommodate any special needs you may have. I may have fallen asleep during a massage or two because they are that relaxing and restorative :) Steve is always up for a conversation before/after your appointment and remembers details about you and your life. He's even shared baking recipes with me! If you are looking for a massage therapist, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Steve."