About Steve

Picture of Steve Leavitt
  • After a 20-year career in IT and software engineering, I had reached my limit in dealing with corporate America. It was time for me to follow the path that I felt would nourish my soul. Isn't that what life is truly about? My formal education had been in the life sciences, and I had a penchant for helping people. I quit my job and went to massage school, trusting that it would bring the fulfillment that I had always known was lacking. I haven't looked back and occasionally have to pinch myself to realize that I am doing what I now feel I was meant to do.
  • I take a very wide-reaching approach to massage, considering the demands we place on our bodies from physical, psychological, and emotional aspects. While our physical activities, posture, and daily routines undoubtedly impact our bodies, the emotional aspects of our lives, sleep posture and patterns, and the conflicts we face also play a significant role in influencing the way our bodies function.
  • One important aspects of my practice is developing a connection and a trusting relationship with my clients. I want my clients to feel at home in my studio and comfortable telling me about their day and the challenges they are facing. These insights allow me to ask questions that reveal subtle aspects of what a client is experiencing but may not be consciously aware of. Equally important is providing them with an opportunity to unburden themselves from some stress, allowing their bodies to respond more positively to the treatment when they are on the massage table.
  • I am very passionate about educating clients about their bodies. Despite living in them every day, most people are not fully cognizant of various aspects of their bodies. I firmly believe that the more you know about your body, the better you can care for it. While there is a limited amount that we can accomplish together during a massage session, there are myriad things clients can do outside of the treatment that can have a major impact on their comfort and their body's function. As part of my dedication to education, I share tactics and techniques that clients can use to benefit themselves.